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How our checklist email reminder service works

We’re really proud of our moving home checklist, it’s been helping make mover’s lives easier for years. Our customers told us they wished it could be more personal to them and their situation, so that they wouldn’t forget anything as their move approached. And we listened!

What are moving home checklist emails? 

Our weekly email reminder service sends you your checklist with a reminder of any bits you still have to check off. It also gives you the chance to research anything you’re not sure about, and ask our moving experts via chat on the site if you have any burning questions. 

We’ll include some extra helpful articles and guides matched to the tasks you’re planning to complete. 

We send this on a Sunday so you can start preparing for the tasks you need to tick off during your work week.

How are the emails organised? 

Using our years of experience, industry experts and our customer’s feedback, we’ve plotted out all 82 items that make up an average move. It’s hard to believe there might be that many, but some of them are small, and quick to achieve, and others take a little more planning. Some of them might even be decisions you hadn’t thought about making yet! 

We’ve tried to make sure these emails and the items on the list are as relevant to you and your move as possible, but we’re always eager for more feedback. And there’s nothing to stop you jumping ahead and ticking off things ahead of your scheduled emails – maybe you’re really eager to get packing! 


So, what are the Thursday emails? 

We don't want to overwhelm you, so we'll just send you a quick update so you can see your progress and remember to tick things off.

We’ll also include a few of our newest blog articles if they’re relevant to you, as sometimes the industry can change even in the middle of a move, and we want you to be prepared.  


My move has changed – how can I update my checklist? 

If your move has been put on hold, or things have changed, you are in complete control of your checklist. In every email there will be a link for you to pause or reset your list. We know sometimes moving can be unpredictable and we don’t want to cause you any stress whilst you’re figuring out a new direction, or putting your move on hold. 

If your move picks up again, you can restart your emails, or you can start the whole sequence from scratch. 


How do I leave feedback? 

We’re so excited to hear what you think of our checklist and our email reminders. Good or bad, we want to hear from you. You can simply reply to any of the checklist emails, or you can message us at [email protected]