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Reduced Rent During Periodic Tenancy

  1. Matthew from Liverpool
  2. 17 December 2014
  3. Renting questions and answers


Our landlord is selling the flat we’re renting, and we’re about to start a ‘periodic tenancy’ giving us two months from when he receives an offer from a buyer. Are we entitled to ask for reduced rent during this time, since he will be showing people round the flat?


If you are in the situation where your landlord is selling the flat you are renting and you’re starting a periodic tenancy, you may be able to negotiate a reduced rent during this time, as your landlord is sure to want the property presented to its best advantage and you will certainly be inconvenienced by the viewings.

You should speak to ARLA (Association of Residential Landlords) for advice. Your landlord needs your goodwill and some tenancy agreements state that tenants require 24 hours’ notice before the landlord can enter the property. Make sure you read your tenancy agreement thoroughly; this is a useful site regarding tenancy agreements.

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