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Ways to creatively clear clutter in a rented bedroom

Keep clutter at bay and transform your bedroom into a dreamy haven with these easy, non-permanent storage solutions

Ways to creatively clear clutter in a rented bedroom

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Most of us aspire to a tranquil, relaxing bedroom, a haven where we can escape the stresses of daily life. And clutter is most certainly not conducive to such a space, particularly if, as a renter, your bedroom is home to many of your worldly goods, as well as the usual clothes and shoes. See whether any of these renter-friendly storage ideas will help in your quest for a relaxing slumber zone.

Fife steading conversion

Be inventive with your bedside table

Instead of a traditional bedside table, look for something a little more unusual to flank your bed. A storage chest like this works brilliantly, as it offers a surface for bedside drinks and books, while providing storage for bed linen or towels within it. An old crate would work just as well.

See if you can find a creative bedside table for your bedroom

Notting Hill

Divide and conquer

Taking the idea one step further, a freestanding bookshelf could help to physically zone a bedroom, providing a nook behind it in which to store clothes or bedding out of sight in lieu of a traditional wardrobe, or an area for a work desk.

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Farmhouse Reinterpreted

Big up your bedhead

If a lot of your wall space is lost to windows, as in this bedroom, try thinking inside the box. A sideboard or low bookshelf placed in the middle of the room could provide storage on one side and a headboard on the other. If the back of the piece that forms the headboard isn’t looking too pretty, try painting it, or even add a panel of wallpaper. You can also use the top to set down books and drinks, doing away with the need for bedside tables.

Edwardian House, South West London

Aim high

The tops of furniture such as wardrobes should be put to good use in a space with limited storage. Invest in some stylish baskets or even track down some vintage trunks, then place them on top for additional hideaway spots. If you’ve already filled the floor of your wardrobe with shoes, storing some directly underneath it isn’t a design no-no, as long as you keep them neatly organised to stop them looking messy.

Clarendon Road

Make a feature of your best pieces

Old glass shop cabinets can be real display gems. If you’re a shoe lover and have a prized collection of favourite heels, don’t hide them away – a freestanding unit like this (here recessed into the wall) will help protect them from dust while allowing you to view them at a glance.

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Home for Now book by Joanna Thornhill (Cico Books, 2014)

Turn storage into display

A more budget-friendly version, however, could easily be achieved by repurposing an old bookcase, turning it into useful storage to both hold and display favourite bags and accessories. If you have any knee-high boots, removing the bottom shelf should allow you to accommodate them.

Colorful Loft In Los Angeles

Cheat a fitted wardrobe

Create your own walk-in-style closet space in a corner of your bedroom with freestanding furniture. A system with drawers below, a hanging rail in the middle and shelves above should prove a highly practical configuration. While many similar designs will be made to be fixed to the wall, look out for ways you can customise pieces to create a self-contained, freestanding unit to do a similar job.

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Home for Now book by Joanna Thornhill (Cico Books, 2014)

Sneak in a bedside table

No floor space for a bedside table? Try making the most of your wall space instead. This old telephone table, designed for a hallway, works brilliantly in a tiny bedroom. Attached to the wall with just a couple of screws (which should only leave two easy-to-fill holes), it offers space for books, a clip-on lamp and decorative items.

Joanna Thornhill, Houzz Contributor


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