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Complaints handling procedure for removals companies recommended by reallymoving

reallymoving and its members take complaints seriously. Your complaint will be handled in a clear, transparent and efficient manner. This is a free service offered by reallymoving.

This Complaints Handling Procedure sets out how to make a complaint and what to expect from the company and reallymoving.com.
All removals firms on reallymoving are part of an Ombudsman Scheme. When and how to involve The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman (DRO) is given below.

Step 1 – contact the removals firm

Inform the company that you are unhappy, setting out the reasons why and what you would like it to do the resolve the complaint.  Keep copies of your correspondence for future reference.
Alternatively, complete the automated feedback form which will be sent to you two weeks after the move date you originally entered on reallymoving.com. Each feedback response is read and, subject to your agreement, reallymoving.com will contact the removals firm with your comments.  
The removals company will investigate your complaint. It may need to contact you if further information is required. It will aim to send its response within 10 working days.

Step 2 – contact reallymoving

If you remain unhappy, you can refer the matter to reallymoving.com. The contact details are [email protected].
Reallymoving.com will review the complaint. It will also contact the company to ask for its side of the story. reallymoving will issue its response within 10 working days.

Step 3 – reallymoving.com refers to The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman

Third party help is at hand.

If you remain unhappy after Step 2, or 8 weeks have passed since you first made the complaint to the removals company (or the date reallymoving.com passed your complaint to the removals firm), you can refer the matter to the DRO. The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman will carry out an independent investigation and can require an apology, financial award or some other practical action.
The DRO can be contacted via reallymoving.com.  Please use the email address [email protected] or by calling 01727 238010.