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Can I Block the Road for the Removals Lorry?

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I live down a road where there are no parking restrictions or permits needed to park. It often gets very busy with cars and I would like to know whether I can block the road for the removals lorry to ensure they get a space? I don’t have a driveway so parking on the road is the only option and I am concerned all the space around my house will be taken up before the lorry arrives. Has anyone asked you to do this before? Would it be possible?


Some areas’ traffic wardens do understand people need to move in or out of properties and as long as there is constant activity in loading and unloading they leave you alone. Safest way is to contact the local transport office and get clearance – you can get this from Google. They would need details of vehicles and how long you will require a permit for, speak to your remover regarding this. Some removal companies will arrange this for you but, to be honest, the transport offices are more sympathetic to you and you will get better clearance in some cases.

Another way is to ask any neighbours that have a permit if they have a visitors pass as, in some areas, households can apply or have a spare. You could also ask them in advance to leave the space around your property free for the removal vehicle to park. There are times in the day when people are at work, so it might be best to load round times that suit, as before 9am and usually after 5pm people are home from work and, therefore, there would be more cars around, making it difficult for the removers to find parking.

If the removers do have to park far away from the property, make sure he quotes you for either extra man power, so loading unloading goes smoothly, and get this in writing as some do try to add extra to the price on the day. It is best to be honest about any potential problems and ask your removers for a pre-move survey so they can quote correctly and ensure they have the correct equipment and man power on the day. The more honest you are with your remover about any problems they may come across just makes your move less stressful and you will find, as a remover myself, we are used to this and it’s an everyday issue we have round cities and busy suburbs.

reallymoving comment:

If your move requires you to have a parking permit for the removals vehicle, you can find out about organising a parking permit in another of Gordon Rafferty's answers here.


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Gordon Rafferty

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