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Do Removals Companies Move Frozen Food?

  1. Julie from London
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Do I have to empty my freezer before we move, or will the removals firm be happy to move my frozen food. We are only moving 10 minutes drive away.


If moving locally, frozen food will be okay to stay in the freezer for up to 4 hours, so your removals guys should have no problem moving it. The freezer should be one of the last things that gets loaded on to the vehicle so it's the last thing to be turned.

A note of caution though: do not switch the fridge / freezer on as soon as it's moved to the new address. We advise that you let it stand for a good hour to let the gas and oil settle. Some fridge freezers have been known blow up once moved - this is why. 

If you are moving long distance then we recommend no frozen food should be taken.

reallymoving comment:

It's really important to empty your freezer before the removals men move it if you are moving a considerable distance. In the weeks running up to your moving date it is a good idea to run down your frozen food items or have a massive feast to empty the freezer. Alternatively, you could take the frozen food to a neighbour who can look after it until you have moved.


Kris Kazimierski

Kris Kazimierski

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