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Sale Fell Through and Unsure Why?

  1. Moira Fogerty from Swindon
  2. 20 September 2017
  3. Selling a home questions and answers


Our last buyer has just pulled out of the sale due to the Survey. The house is only 10 years old and has been meticulously maintained. Although we have asked she has not provided a copy of the survey or even been specific about the issue. We suspect there may be another reason, do we have to disclose that the sale fell through because of the survey if we don't know why?


Hi Moira,
The potential buyer is under no obligation to provide you with a copy of the survey, or let you know the issue, which is obviously frustrating. It does sound that, as the property is not old, has been well maintained, and no immediate possible issues come to mind when considering the survey, that perhaps the buyer has pulled out for a different reason.
Whilst you are not sure why the buyer pulled out of the purchase, legally, you are obligated to represent the sale honestly and not hide anything from future buyers. It is worth explaining the situation, but that you do not know why the transaction fell through. We have more information on what you need to disclose to potential buyers here.
It may be worth carrying out a survey on your home yourself, incase there is a real issue, so that you can be prepared. Similarly, if nothing is found, you can be confident the next buyer will not have any problems.
Best of luck
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