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How can I find out if a property can structurally support a disabled occupant?

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My husband and I are looking to move into a bigger home so that our family has more room, however we also have a disabled son and were wondering how we would go about finding out if a property can structurally support a disabled occupant who would need wheelchair access for example?


Most properties can be structurally adapted to suit your needs. However, it would be worth asking a Chartered Surveyor to inspect the building and comment on this prior to purchase.

Surveyors often look at different types of structural alterations at the same time that we inspect and prepare building survey reports for a purchaser, so both the overall property and the alterations can be examined at the same time.

Your surveyor will need to look at access, circulation space, internal walls and the load-bearing structure including the floor construction and external wall construction. Timber floors and partitions are straight-forward to alter to suit your needs, but concrete floors and masonry walls are a bit more complex and therefore expensive.

For an informed and considered investigation of the property from a knowledgeable expert, a survey is therefore well worth considering.

reallymoving comment:

For any property you are purchasing, a house survey is always highly recommended to find out about its structural condition and any addition issues that may be present. To compare the cost of HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys, you can find our quote form here.

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