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What is the process of a Structural Survey?

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We are selling our property and our buyers have had a homebuyers survey which reported structural movement. Accordingly, we have been requested to commission a structural survey. However, there is some confusion as to what is required. Can you please advise us about the process? Thank you.


There is often confusion between a structural survey and a structural engineer further investigating, hence why the phrase structural survey is no longer used (instead now being called a Building Survey).

The HomeBuyer survey should have identified the area and reason for concern sufficient for further investigations to be accordingly focused there. It is likely the further investigations are required by a structural engineer, and the engineer should have reference to the HomeBuyer survey so they know the specific issue they need to further investigate. Such investigations may require invasive access in order to more fully assess.

reallymoving comment:

For more information about subsidence and structural movement in a property, we have a helpful guide to subsidence that may be able to offer you information about treatments for subsidence and the necessary legal documentation.

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