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Meet the experts

At reallymoving we consider ourselves to be experts on all things property, offering help and advice to buyers, sellers or those just curious to see if moving is for them. We employ and work with people who have a range of knowledge about the moving process and property industry.  

Reallymoving experts:


Ali Tiwana
Data analyst

Ali is our expert data analyst. Using our hefty database of moving data, he finds useful information about moving house habits that inform us about the market and offer readers the best advice for their move. Ali is responsible for our annual Cost of Moving analysis, as well as our quarterly House Price Forecast, and is great at identifying data that can tell us more about making the moving process easier.

Andi Forsythe
Content Marketing Manager

Andi started with us as a content writer over 5 years ago and now runs our content team. As a professional author and content marketer, her focus has always been on creative, easy-to-understand guides for our users, as well as inspiring content for those who want to buy their first home. She has written checklists, guides, press articles and much more for our site, and our sister site The Law Superstore. She's passionate about making the industry more affordable for first time buyers and often focuses on saving hacks and industry insights that will help people get on the ladder. 

Jeremy Greer
Senior Content Writer

Jeremy is our property writer, working with external teams to stay on top of property news, as well as finding new, interesting ways to support our readers. Creating things like timelines, checklists and working with our design team on infographics, Jeremy ensures our content is as readable as possible. Currently saving to become a First Time Buyer, Jeremy is always looking for opportunities to support FTBs on our site, and focus on topics that matter to them.


Emily Smith
Content Executive

Emily is a Content Executive working with the content team at reallymoving. With a keen eye for detail, she is responsible for updating and creating content across the site. Emily has a background in Creative Writing and is currently saving to become a First Time Buyer. She strives to keep content fresh and easily understood even for those starting out.

Lisa Hall
Content & Communications Executive

Lisa is our content and communications expert. She creates articles and videos for the site, as well as liasing with external teams to share reallymoving’s help and advice on moving home. She's also our sound expert on the Make Your Move podcast, which she hosts with Jez and Andi. Currently saving to become a First Time Buyer herself, Lisa is keen to share tips on saving money and finding deals to make that move feel a little less daunting.

Rob Houghton
Chief Executive

Rob is the founder and CEO of reallymoving. His years of experience within the property industry make him a source of expertise on trends and industry behaviour. He is often featured giving tips on moving in the media, where he is regularly quoted in property publications as a moving expert.  

Rosemary Rogers

Rosie has been working in the moving home industry for 20 years, and is an expert when it comes to the business side of a move. A frequent judge for the conveyancing awards, and well known in the moving and surveying industries, Rosie’s expertise as a company founder is what allows us to do what we do!