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reallymoving: why we do what we do

11 February 2022 / Jeremy Greer

As a company, reallymoving is driven by strong values and goal to take the stress out of moving house. But where did this drive come from and why is it important to us?

reallymoving: why we do what we do
Our goal is to make the moving home process easier and simpler – we do that by not only providing instant quotes for moving services, but by offering top notch advice and guidance throughout your whole move. Here’s how we do that, and why it’s important.

What we do

It can seem simple enough – we noticed a problem. Moving home was complicated, slow, frustrating and stressful. It involved endless ringing round and comparing, or taking a recommendation from someone you didn’t really know, but who felt qualified to tell you about it.

Most of the time you were in the dark, waiting for your mortgage approval or your searches to come back, or your exchange date to come through.

And, quite honestly, we just got tired of it. We haven’t managed to solve all the problems of the moving process (we’re working on it) but we did manage to speed up how you find and compare conveyancing, surveys and removals. It’s a start, right? And we’re continuing to look for more ways to make it easier every day, which is why our customer feedback and reviews are so very valuable to us.

Why we do it

It started with a family, but it turned into a business. And from there, it became a bit of an obsession. Our founders started this company after a nightmare move with their young family. But as we’ve grown, we’ve only become more dedicated to our goal of helping people move in an easier way. We’ve written articles, hosted webinars, improved our site, our forms, our services. We’ve run internal training on the property market to help our own staff members learn how to get on the ladder, (and we’ve guaranteed them a free day off to move when they do).

We run research projects, share industry data, talk to experts and spend our time understanding how the property market is changing, and what we can do to help it get there quicker.

So, yes, it may have started with a simple family move. But we’ve created something so much bigger.

Why we do it that way

‘This all sounds a bit grandiose for a comparison site, doesn’t it?’

Sure, absolutely. Like all companies we have a brand and a purpose and a set of goals and we still need to make money and pay our wonderful team for their hard work. But the difference is everyone on our team has a role in making moving easier. Whether it’s our developers making our system faster and smoother, our UX designers simplifying our forms, our sales team finding new great partners in your local area, or our marketing team yelling about it all so you can find us. We have a rapidly growing team, and no matter what they do day-to-day, from accountancy to site testing, they are involved in helping us make moving easier.

We want to help our users navigate these big life events with ease. So whether you’re moving for the first time or the twentieth, whether you’re buying to let, or selling up for new adventures, know that we are here with the information and the drive to make that big event in your life just that little bit easier.

And that’s why we do what we do.