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    Why you can trust reallymoving

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 1st May, 2024

    5 reasons why reallymoving is a resource worth trusting when moving house.

    Why you can trust reallymoving
    We know what it’s like online, either you trust a company or you don’t. You’ll be scrolling through reviews, looking at their credentials, maybe even asking a friend if they’ve heard of them. Trust can take a lifetime to build and can be broken in seconds.

    But when it comes to moving home, trust is essential. It’s one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make, and moving home is often voted the second most stressful experience (the first is divorce, by the way). So when you’re dealing with complicated paperwork, legal jargon, building surveys and big sums of money, you want to know you’re making the smart choice.

    Here’s why that’s us.

    Regulation and Redress Schemes

    We know that in an ideal world, everything goes to plan (and try do our hardest to make sure it does) but if you aren’t happy with the service you received from one of our partners, we’ve got lots of avenues open to you. We’re happy to mediate if you can’t get through to a firm or you’re not happy with them, but you can also contact the professional bodies our partners belong to (like RICS, SRA, CLC) and we’re part of the Ombudsman scheme.

    Transparent reviews

    Whether it’s the good, the bad or the downright ugly, we believe hosting fully transparent reviews is the best way for our customers to make a decision – whether that’s about us, or our partners. Reviews are the most powerful tool for a consumer, they give customers a voice, and they influence others. We use our reviews to celebrate our partners, help them to improve and potentially reconsider their place on our panel if they’re not of a high enough quality. We also use our own reviews, both on our site and across Reviews.io and Google to develop site improvements and new ideas, so we know we’re always offering the best service we can.

    Twenty years of experience

    The moving industry is changing all the time, whether it’s house prices, Stamp Duty or building regulations. But one thing that’s been consistent that whole time is us: we’ve been here. We were helping people find quotes online when many people were still flicking their aching arms through the Yellow Pages! If there are changes, we make it our business to know what they are, and how they’ll affect you. If there are price rises in the industry, we report on it. In fact, we release a yearly Cost of Moving assessment that shows how prices change year on year.

    During those twenty years, we’ve only grown, taking on feedback from our customers, offering more services like valuations, home reports and EPCs and building out a library of helpful guides to support you through your move. A pretty good use of two decades, we’d say.

    Heaps of industry knowledge

    As an industry leader, our data is second-to-none. We have an insider understanding of what people are doing and why, which means we can feed that back to make it easier to move. Each quarter we release a House Price Forecast that uses our quotes to show how property prices are fluctuating. Along with our Cost of Moving, we often share our data with journalists, and are regularly featured in The Telegraph, The Express, BBC, Metro and many others. We’re trusted by a range of industry experts and often team up with Which? and property guru Kate Faulkner to reflect on what’s happening in the property market.

    You can find out more on our Media page.

    We’re happy to talk!

    Just because we’re a website, it doesn’t mean we’re robots. We know so much of a home move is how it feels – the excitement, the stress, the nervousness. The bone-deep weariness on moving day solved only by a takeaway and a celebratory glass of something cold. So when you’re feeling worried, confused or just want advice, we’re here for you.

    You can catch us on our social media channels, send us an email to our dedicated moving support inbox, or ask us a question on our chatbox (yes, run by real people in our business who know all about moving). If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out for you. More often than not, we’ll already have a helpful article on the topic, and if we don’t…well, we’ll write one!

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