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Digital pre-moving surveys: pros and cons

reallymoving look into digital pre-moving surveys to discover the pros and cons of using this new technology.


What impact has the HS2 route had on Leeds?

We take a look at the impact of the highly divisive HS2 route on the property markets of northern cities, with a particular focus on Leeds.

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International moves to and from the UK

We've analysed UN data to show the most popular moves to and from each international country and this month, we’ve put together some insights for the UK. Read our latest post for more.

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The property valuation conundrum

Property valuations play a key role in a fully functioning housing market, but recent reports suggest there is a problem: estate agents overvaluing the price of a home with Chartered Surveyors then undervaluing it, something which could be leading to many house sales falling through.

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Verulam racing team

We are thrilled to announce the formation of a new cycle racing team, Verulam Racing Team.

Help and Advice, reallymoving Updates at the biz4Biz Awards 2017

Read about the biz4Biz awards ceremony which took place on Friday 3rd March 2017 where received a most prestigious award!

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What are pre-contract deposits?

We take a look at pre-contract deposits and discover why this practice has been criticised when it comes to buying a property.


Going 'Off-Grid'

If you’re moving to a rural area, it can be confusing trying to make sense of all the different fuel types available where mains gas is not an option...

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House prices in the UK provides you with what you need to know about house prices in the UK. 

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