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10 Year Anniversary of the EPC – what is it, and why is it important?

  1. 01 August 2017
  2. By Tola Omoniyi

This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), but what does this mean for you? 


An EPC is an energy assessment of your property, analysing how environmentally friendly it is, as well as how efficiently it uses energy. Based on these factors, the property is given a rating from A-G  (with A as the most efficient, and G as the least) and recommendations are offered as to how to make it more efficient. This could be anything from suggesting energy saving bulbs, a new boiler or insulation. The report will give you a breakdown of approximate current costs, and how much you could save if you make the recommended changes.

What does the 10 year anniversary mean?

If your EPC was granted in 2007, it will be running out. This means checking your EPC and ensuring you replace it. This is particularly important if you are selling your home, or are a landlord. If an up to date and valid EPC is not available to prospective buyers or tenants, it could really slow down the process, and make your property less appealing.

How do I update my EPC?

You can apply to update your EPC by getting a quote from a reallymoving EPC provider. This will involve an assessor coming to view the property to check which areas are efficient and what could be improved. The price and times taken to receive a full EPC vary on the size of the property. There is a wealth of information available about the procedure and costings of an EPC, and how they work. 

How does the EPC affect me?

An EPC is a great tool in selling or renting out your home. It allows potential buyers or renters to know how much they may end up spending in bills, and will allow them to make an informed decision about whether your property is the right choice for them.

It is also offers you the chance to make your property more appealing – replacing old boilers, using energy efficient lightbulbs, insulating the roof, installing double glazed windows – all of these will have an effect on your property’s rating, and will make a difference when attempting to sell or let it out. 

What if my EPC rating is low?

Along with some EPCs reaching their ten year limit, there is also new legislation coming in April 2018, regarding acceptable ratings in the UK. The MEES Regulations (minimum energy efficiency standards) say that tenancies cannot be renewed or new ones started in properties that have a rating ‘E’ and below. This does not all apply to all properties, excluding workshops and historic listed buildings for example, but in terms of quality of living, the UK is aiming to significantly reduce its carbon emissions by 2050. 

If you have to replace your EPC anyway, now is a great time to assess what can be done to improve your rating, and making the changes before your assessment ensures you’ll have complied with all the laws you need to, and made the property more valuable. There are lots of tips and tricks available if you want to make a home more energy efficient.

As a landlord, this could potentially be an expensive undertaking, so it is worth considering now which properties need attention, how the necessary grading can be attained, and if any of those costs can be covered by future tenants.

The costs are far preferable to the incredibly high fines you could pay as a landlord, and these increase the longer the property does not meet efficiency standards. It is worth considering making the changes to your property as soon as possible, and replacing your EPC straight after. Even if your EPC is not out of date, if you are renting out a property, it will need to meet MEES standards by April 2018.

The main thing to know about the EPC’s 10th birthday is that even if you have an EPC, you should definitely read it thoroughly and check the date. Just having the piece of paper is not enough to make it valid. Take into account the suggestions, and use the information it offers you about your home. 


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