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Episode one - Let's Be Real About The Bank of Mum and Dad

This is a transcript of episode one of the Make Your Move podcast, covering the Bank of Mum and Dad. In the episode, we cover the taboos, the facts, and the statistics. We also lay out how you can best use parental support if you have it, and how to get onto the property ladder if you don't have it.

August 2023

Is Being a Landlord Still Profitable? Insights & Challenges

Has the strain on the private rented sector started to make renting out property as a landlord unsustainable?

August 2023

7 Factors That Can Lower Your Property Value & How to Fix Them

As house prices struggle to rise, making sure your property is in the best position possible before you put it on the market can really make a difference to its value. We have some advice how you can increase your home’s worth without making expensive home improvements.

August 2023

Home Buying Hope for Young People: Strategies & Options

With interest rates rising, the prospect of ever purchasing a property can feel hopeless. It's not, and we have a few options for you to consider that will help you take that big leap onto the property ladder.

August 2023

Colour Psychology in Property Sales: Boost Your Home's Appeal

How do Colour Choices Impact Buyer Perception?

August 2023