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UK's New Aid for Mortgage Holders Amid Financial Strain

As interest rates rise and financial strain increases, the UK government has stepped in to help mortgage holders feel more secure. What are the new measures being brought in to support homeowners?

June 2023

Will the Help to Buy Scheme Make a Comeback?

The Help to Buy equity loan has the potential for a return after being off the table for new applicants since 2022. After the scrapping of the original and controversial First Time Buyer scheme, what positive shifts could bring it back?

June 2023

Introducing the Make Your Move Podcast!

Reallymoving launches its brand-new podcast, designed to help you get on, and makes sense of, the property ladder.

June 2023

Exploring the Community Land Trust Scheme for Affordable Homes

In the quest to address the housing crisis and promote local ownership, a ground-breaking initiative known as the Community Land Trust scheme is gaining traction.

June 2023

Making Moving Simple With reallymoving

Moving house can be a busy time in your life, with lots of things going on. But thanks to reallymoving you can now make things really simple!

June 2023