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Do I need a conveyancer for a Right to Buy property?

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I have had a quote to buy my council house that I have lived in for 50 years. My family have offered to pay cash for the asking price. Can I just go ahead without conveyancing as I have full knowledge of the property and the survey from the council?


In order to purchase your council house, although you currently live there and have knowledge of the property, you will need to instruct a conveyancer.

A conveyancer will explain the terms of the legal documentation, setting out the terms which the council proposes to offer the property for sale. They will also carry out searches unless you advise otherwise and are not having a mortgage. Searches would be advisable as the onus on a purchaser is ‘buyer beware’ and it is doubtful that during your occupation you would have anything brought to your attention that a search or survey would highlight.

Surveys are always recommended. If you intend to rely on a survey that the council has had carried out (as opposed to a valuation which is different) then you do so at your own risk and it, of course, will be dependent on the age of such as to how reliable this is. 

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