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Do I Need to Complete a Property Information Questionnaire?

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What is a Property Information Questionnaire and do we need to complete one to sell our flat? Will our estate agent fill it in for us and who needs to see it?


When selling a property, there are two questionnaires that you will always be asked to fill in and these are a Fixtures and Fittings List, which says what items you will take from and leave at the property following completion and a Property Information Form ("PIF"). 
The PIF asks general questions about the property such as whether you have altered the property in any way, whether you have any guarantees for works done to the property such as double glazing or electrical wiring, and whether you have had any disputes with anyone about the property such as neighbours. When selling a leasehold property, there is a third questionnaire which is the Leasehold Information Form ("LIF"). 
The LIF is similar to the PIF but is more concerned about the leasehold aspects, e.g. it asks how deals with the insurance of the property, who is the landlord and how much you have had to pay for maintenance charges etc. 
All three of these forms would be completed by the seller rather than their Estate Agent as they are designed to be questions that an occupying owner would know the answer to. Once completed, these forms would be sent by you to your solicitor and they would send it on to the Buyers' solicitors so ultimately the Buyer would be provided with a copy.

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Here is a link to information you need to supply to your purchaser

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