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How do I take a name off a joint mortgage?

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My daughter wants to take her sister's name off a joint mortgage. What is the process for this and how much might a solicitor charge?


In order to proceed with this, the individual who is to remain on the mortgage account must apply to the lender for consent in order to transfer the mortgage.

This will usually involve a process in which the lender will assess whether the proposal meets their lending criteria. Assuming it does, a consent to transfer instruction would be issued which would be sent to the solicitor. This would contain the legal requirements set by the lender to enable the transfer to complete. It would then be a case of the solicitor working through those requirements and arranging for a Transfer Deed to be signed by both parties in order to remove sister from the legal title and the mortgage account.
Legal fees for this type of service would be £300 plus VAT of £60. There would be additional search fees and Land Registry costs which would depend on the nature of the individual transaction.

We would be able to provide a fixed fee quotation if you are able to contact us so that we may take full details for your case.

Richard Prust, Watson Woodhouse Solicitors LLP

Alex Riordan

Alex Riordan

Watson Woodhouse Solicitors LLP

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  • Alexandra

    posted on 11 Sep 2017

    I have mortgage with my ex boyfriend I want make one name on mortgage but I'm not sure what I need to do. I don't know whether to keep my name or remove it from mortgage. Can you give me any advice please? Many thanks Alexandra.

    Reallymoving response

    Hi Alexandra,
    As mentioned in the article, once you have decided who is going to keep the mortgage, the person keeping it has to apply to a lender to transfer the mortgage over to them. In terms of deciding whose name remains on the mortgage, that depends on who wants to remain in the house, and who can continue to pay the mortgage repayments by themself. You may also need to consider buying your ex-partner out of the property.
    Good luck, reallmoving

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