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What is the cost of a mortgage discharge?

  1. Don McLean from Dalkeith
  2. 12 June 2017
  3. Legal questions and answers


Having completed a mortgage with the Alliance and Leicester, what does it cost to have a mortgage discharge as required under Scottish Law? Does this have to be done by a solicitor? Your advice would be extremely helpful. 


The cost of a discharge is not a large expense. The registration dues amount to £60 in every case.The fee charged by a solicitor should not be substantial but it will vary from one firm to the next - my firm charges £200 + VAT for this service, totalling £300 with the registration fees. These figures may change in the future.

Most of the lenders will not deal with anyone other than a solicitor and, in any event, it is essential to ensure that the discharge is properly framed. As Alliance & Leicester is part of Santander Group, the discharge will not be a straightforward document so it is unlikely that anyone would be able to draft it correctly without conveyancing experience.

Mary McQueen, McQueen Legal

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Mary McQueen

Mary McQueen

McDougall McQueen

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