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If you’re buying a new home or remortgaging with Lloyds Bank, you may need to find a solicitor on the Lloyds Bank conveyancing panel going forward with your purchase.

We can help. Using our quick and easy quote form on reallymoving, you can receive up to 4 quotes for local conveyancing solicitors who will fit your requirements. You can be sure that each of our solicitors and licensed conveyancers are regulated by the SRA or CLC.

If you are buying a property using a mortgage from Lloyds Bank you’ll need a regulated conveyancing solicitor for your purchase. You can compare quotes for professional and trusted conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers on reallymoving.

What is a conveyancing lender panel?

Your mortgage lender (in the case Lloyds Bank) will have an approved list of solicitor firms that they encourage you to use for your conveyancing. This is because those solicitors fit the criteria that Lloyds Bank sets and they are all trusted firms. This is to try and reduce the chance of any complications with your purchase or remortgage. 

What if I don’t choose a conveyancing solicitor on Lloyds managed panel?

If you decide to use a conveyancing solicitor that isn’t on the Lloyds bank conveyancing panel then you may need to pay for their legal representation as well which would result in spending hundreds of pounds more than you budgeted for. 

By using a solicitor that is on their panel, you won’t need to pay for separate legal representation for both yourself and your mortgage lender. 

How do I know if my solicitor is on the panel? 

The easiest way to check whether your chosen solicitor is on the Lloyds Bank approved conveyancing panel is to submit the solicitor to Lloyds or ask your mortgage advisor. You can also check their website to see if they have an updated list of their approved panel. 

How can I find trusted conveyancing solicitor? 

You can get up to 4 quotes for conveyancing solicitors in your area by filling out the form on our site. We will email you the quotes along with all of their reviews and contact details. All of the conveyancing solicitors on our site are regulated by either the SRA or CLC so you can be rest assured that they are trusted firms. 

Frequently Asked Conveyancing Questions 

What is the average cost of a conveyancing solicitor? 

According to reallymoving data, the average cost of conveyancing services is around £2,038 including fees and disbursements.

Is it better to use a local solicitor for conveyancing? 

No! though you may personally prefer to use a local solicitor, conveyancing can be carried out form anywhere, so don’t be concerned about choosing a solicitor from further away.

Can you negotiate solicitors fees? 

It is possible to negotiate on conveyancing fees, if you have a sound understanding of your case and of property law. However the best way to secure a good deal on fees is so compare prices when initially seeking a solicitor.

How do I choose a good conveyancing solicitor? 

When comparing solicitors, consider factors such as their legal accreditations, client reviews, and experience with your local property market, not just their fees. 

Do all solicitors charge the same for conveyancing? 

No, not all solicitors will charge the same so it’s important to compare firm’s fees. Remember, you can choose a conveyancing solicitor from anywhere, they don't have to be local.

Reallymoving is a comparison site that allows you to find conveyancing solicitors for your house move or remortgage. We are not affiliated with Lloyds and are not on the Lloyds conveyancing panel ourselves. We cannot guarantee that every solicitor quoted by us will be on the Lloyds panel, so be sure to ask when contacting your chosen solicitor.

For solicitors wishing to join the Lloyds panel, you must go to the bank directly.