Reallymoving First Time Buyers Hub

Using data from our conveyancing quote form, our First Time Buyer Hub provides all the stats and information First Time Buyers need to navigate the post-pandemic property market.

Reallymoving has analysed the average price that First Time Buyers pay, using data provided by users on conveyancing quote forms who declare themselves First Time Buyers. It is updated monthly.

View the average price First Time Buyers pay for property in your region.

We know it can be overwhelming to make decisions as a First Time Buyer - that's why we want to give you all the helpful information to make it simple. We've got our First Time Buyer Guide, our Guide to Saving and a breakdown of Governement Schemes that could help. You can also sign up to our newsletter to help you stay ahead of any updates, and get tips and tricks to make moving easier. Whether you're moving this year or in three years, we can help you get prepared.