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Are you a first time buyer looking to get on the property ladder? We have a wide range of advice and information to help you at

First Time Buyer

For anyone looking to buy their first home, the process can seem daunting. At, we’ve put together a range of top tips and informative guides to help First-Time Buyers at every step of the way.

What If My Offer on a Property Is Rejected

Having your offer rejected on a property you really wanted can be disappointing, but don't let it be the end of your home buying journey. There are ways you can move forward.

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What is the First Homes Scheme?

As part of its commitment to deliver 1 million homes by 2024, the UK Government began the first homes scheme on 4th June 2021. But what is it all about?

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How to Make an Offer on a Property?

When you have chosen a property that you would like to buy, you will need to make your offer. But how do you make an offer and how do you decide on a price.

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First Time Buyer Changes to Stamp Duty: FAQ

On 23rd September 2022 the rules regarding Stamp Duty for First Time Buyers changed. We're answering some of the questions about the Stamp Duty exemptions for First Time Buyers.

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How Long Does it Take to Buy a House?

For homebuyers – and First Time Buyers in particular – the process of purchasing a new home can seem like a long, drawn-out affair. It’s not unusual for it to take around six months from starting to look at properties to actually moving in, and if there are delays at any stage of the process then it can take even longer.

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Should I Buy a House with Friends?

If people buy properties with their partners, why not buy your first home with your friends instead? Here are some of the upsides, downsides and legal sides to consider.

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Offer Accepted on House - What are the Next Steps?

Now your offer on a house has been accepted, here are our 10 essential steps for what happens next.

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How to Buy a House: 10 Important Tips

Buying a house can be a huge task, and the process can sometimes feel never ending. To help, we've put assembled our top ten house buying tips to simplify your next move.

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What is the Help to Buy Scheme?

First Time Buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to attain a deposit without having to go to parents for support. We outline each of the affordable home ownership schemes currently available to homebuyers.

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