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Can I move my broadband contract to my new address?

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I’m about to move home. When should I tell my broadband provider? How easy will it be for me to move home and keep the same provider or should I take over the contract that the previous owners had?


You definitely should tell your broadband provider, for several reasons. If you are in the middle of a contract there will be charges to pay should you cancel the service, and there will be additional fees if you just disappear without any notification.
Also, if you left without cancelling it would inconvenience the next person who moves in as they will need to wait for the line to be unblocked before activating their service.
Moving your broadband provider is often straightforward, though the steps vary depending on who supplies your telephone service. If you get phone and broadband from the same company you just need to contact them and supply the new address. Provided they are able to supply the same service they should handle the rest.

Note that some ISPs ask to be notified two weeks before, others a month, so make sure you know their timescales well in advance.

If you have separate phone and broadband companies, you need to request a LORN from the phone company. This is a reference number which you supply to your broadband provider, enabling them to activate your broadband on the same day as your telephone line is switched on.

It is not possible to take over an existing broadband contract at a new property. As mentioned, if the previous occupiers leave without cancelling their service this will only cause you delays while the suppliers arrange for it to be freed up for you.

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