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How Do I Find a Reputable Property Finder?

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I need help to find a new home for my family. Where can I find a reliable and honest Property Finder? How do I go about doing so, so that I can find the property suitable for my growing family that will make them secure and have peace of mind? Is there a list of property finders that I can find or should I simply go online to look for one?


Property Finders are also called Home Search Agents. They work for the buyer. Usually they will source a property for you, deal with the estate agent who acts for the seller, negotiate the price and see the deal through to completion. 

You should expect an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and advice about the market and your aims. I’d want to see a shortlist of properties and be accompanied when visiting them. They should advise you on what offer to make and negotiate with the seller. They could also oversee any works required.

It’s not a very common service in England unlike in other parts of the world. As it’s the biggest purchase most of us will make and we don’t tend to buy houses all the time, professional advice can be a great idea. There are a few national franchises with local offices: try thebuyingagents.com or Stacks. Alternatively, type in “home search agent Leeds" into Google and see who comes up.

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