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Can I Add a Second Estate Agent to Market My Home?

  1. Lionel from Ilford
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My property has been for sale for a long time. I currently have a sole agency contract but I feel like I would benefit from adding a second estate agent to help market and hopefully sell it. Is this something I can do? How would this affect the estate agent fees and commission? And would I be able to use an online estate agent as my second estate agent?


This depends on the sole agency contract you signed with your original estate agent. Carefully read through the contract and make sure that you know what the result of you using another agent will be. Often sole agency contracts mean that you would end up having to pay your fees twice, once to the original agency and once again to the other agency you employ.

You could certainly use an Online Estate Agent if you have read through the contract and are happy with what will happen if you do so. There really is no difference in using an Online Agent and a traditional agent when it comes to this situation.

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