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38% of homebuyers who used Help to Buy this year would be ineligible after 2021

With the news that the government are revising the Help to Buy Equity Scheme from 2021, making it only available to first time buyers, and imposing regional price caps, our data tells us that over a third of the people who used the scheme in 2018 would no longer be eligible.

November 2018

Budget Debrief: What did we learn?

The Budget, one of the major events of the political calendar, took place earlier than usual this year to give the government more time to focus on Brexit negotiations. It was also held on a Monday, rather than the traditional Wednesday, and at the much later time of 15:30 GMT.

October 2018

The end of unfair leaseholds - the Housing Secretary's promise

The Housing Minister wants an end to unfair leaseholds - but what will this mean for those who have already bought leasehold properties?

October 2018

Prime Minister lifts borrowing cap to encourage more housing to be built

The Local Government Association is thrilled at Theresa May’s announcement at the Conservative Party Conference this week.

October 2018

Help to Buy ISA not really for buying?

The government’s Help to Buy ISA has been facing some harsh criticism after the revelation that 45,000 users faced delays in their purchases when attempting to release deposit funds from the ISA.

September 2018

£2 billion allocated to housing associations for affordable homes

Addressing the National Housing Federation summit, Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that £2 billion in funding will be given to housing associations in order to create affordable and social housing.

September 2018

94% of new build owners regret their purchase

A poll of new build owners with leases who bought in the last 10 years show that an overwhelming majority regret buying their property. This is mainly down to leasehold issues, as 45% said they were unaware of the leasehold status.

September 2018

Is the Help to Buy Scheme damaging the property market?

George Osborne’s Help to Buy Scheme was designed to help first time buyers with a small deposit get onto the property ladder. 

September 2018

Upfront moving home costs over £30,000? We don’t think so!

It does not cost over £30,000 to move home in the UK, especially not if you've done your research. Here we breakdown how the costs have changed and what you can expect.

August 2018