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Number of new build properties bought by first time buyers up by 16%

With questions around new build properties and the profit from Help to Buy schemes, we had a look at our data to determine whether first time buyers were making use of government schemes, and what that might mean for them long term.

March 2019

Are we swapping downsizing for equity release?

With people reluctant to downsize to smaller homes, equity release seems to be the popular alternative. But what does that mean for the housing market?

February 2019

Where in the UK does an extra bedroom cost almost £80k?

With research this week revealing the cost of upsizing to a three bedroom house, we had a look at where people typically upsize or downsize across the country.

February 2019

Moving home now costs one third of median UK salary

Homeowners are having to dig deeper than before to fund a home move, with costs at their highest ever. However, there is some good news for first time buyers.

February 2019

40% of younger buyers have been rejected for a mortgage – here’s how to avoid rejection

With news from Which? that 16% of current mortgage holders have been rejected in the past, with 29% rejected in London, we came up with our top tips for preparing for your mortgage application.

January 2019

The ban on tenant fees – what is the latest?

High tenant fees have been a long term issue for many renters in the UK. How will the news that they are about to be banned affect the property industry?

January 2019

Should I buy before Brexit?

With this evening's vote approaching, it's the question everyone’s asking. You’re ready to buy, you’ve got your deposit and you’re eager to move - but should you wait until you know what’s going on with Brexit?

January 2019

Millennials would need to sacrifice 21,700 avocados to save deposit for first home

Focus on long term saving plans and ignore the hype about sacrificing avocados on toast, as our research shows you'd need to give up a lot more than just your breakfast to get on the property ladder.

December 2018

Home Ownership – is it really all about Mum and Dad?

It isn’t surprising that the children of more prosperous parents are more likely to own their own homes.

December 2018