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Home moves back on for those in England

The government announces that even during lockdown those in England can buy, sell and move homes. They hope this will allow the 450,000 people in the middle of moving to complete their transactions.

May 2020

Moving during lockdown – what do I do?

We know that moving home can be stressful enough at times without the further complication of a lockdown, especially when there isn’t a great amount of clarity from the government. 

March 2020

House prices this spring expected to be strong despite Coronavirus

The housing market in England and Wales is currently on course for a spring surge.

March 2020

House price growth to be highest since before the EU Referendum

Growing confidence among buyers and sellers following the General Election result is rapidly translating to greater competition among buyers, prompting increases in the value of deals agreed.

February 2020

House Price Forecast: A strong start to 2020

Positive annual growth of house prices is expected over the next three months.

January 2020

Dawn of new decade will bring fall in house prices

Reallymoving's House Price Forecast has predicted that house prices will dip in the next three months.

December 2019

House prices to end 2019 at 4% annual growth

Reallymoving’s November house price forecast shows that house prices are on track to end the year 4.1% higher than December 2018, despite a politically tumultuous year resulting in low consumer confidence and subdued transaction levels.

November 2019

House prices to dip over next three months

Reallymoving’s September house price forecast shows we can expect an average monthly fall of 0.9% in house prices over the next quarter. However, this is almost entirely due to seasonal changes.

September 2019

Cost of moving reaches £10,400

 Reallymoving’s yearly cost of moving research shows homeowners are paying £10,414 on average to move home, with Londoners paying £24,585.

September 2019