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House prices to begin steady decline as 2021 hits

Our House Price Forecast predicts that after a record high in December, UK house prices will begin to fall in increasing amounts as we move into February.

December 2020

UK house prices to hit all-time high in December 2020, before a slowdown in 2021.

Our House Price Forecast predicts that house prices will continue to rise through to the end of 2020, fuelled by the Stamp Duty holiday. Moving into 2021, prices will begin to steadily fall as the holiday comes to an end.

November 2020

Cost of moving home in UK plummets by almost 40%

Our Cost of Moving research has shown a huge drop in the cost of moving home. With the Stamp Duty cuts alongside this saving - could it be the right time to move?

September 2020

Post-lockdown boom prompts price surge of 8% between June and October

Our latest House Price Forecast shows that with increased buyer activity and the Stamp Duty holiday, prices could rise by as much as 8.1% between June and October.

August 2020

Welsh government announces cut to Land Transaction Tax

The move follows similar property tax holidays in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

July 2020

Scottish property tax holiday comes into force today

The change to tax thresholds, announced last week, will apply to property transactions from 15 July.

July 2020

Tax holidays announced for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Changes in the thresholds for property tax in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland have been announced to help the market recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

July 2020

Wales partially reopens housing market

Wales has taken the first step in opening up its housing market.

June 2020

House moves to be permitted in Scotland again

People will be able to move house in Scotland when the country moves into phase 2 of its lockdown exit plan.

June 2020