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reallymoving find that the 30th August is the most popular day to move home

  1. 01 August 2019
  2. By Andi Forsythe

Research by reallymoving and the HomeOwners Alliance has predicted that 30th August will be the most popular day to move this year.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

August has been the most popular moving month for the past twelve years, but that combined with the fact the 30th falls on a Friday means the number of moves expected is almost four times the average for a normal day.

With almost a third of movers choosing to move in June, July or August, summer is generally the most popular time to move because it allows time to settle in before the new academic year. Similarly, one in four movers choose to move on a Friday to give them time to settle in and unpack over the weekend.

Moving on popular days carries risks, but there are things you can do to reduce them. Rob Houghton, CEO of reallymoving says:

“Moving on the busiest day of the year isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially with the August bank holiday also happening that week, pushing more moves onto the remaining four days. Ensure your solicitor and everyone in the chain knows you’re working towards that date and book your removals firm well in advance, so you only need to confirm as soon as you exchange. It’s best to ask them to come to your house to assess the volume of your belongings. This ensures you have the right sized van and number of team members on the day of your move.”

For more information you can view the HomeOwners Alliance’s article on the busiest day to move house.

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