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Customer ratings

3.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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Focus Removals & Storage Teesside

Focus Removals & Storage Teesside Ltd is a company which caters for the clients needs at very competitive prices. From full house moves or business moves we have a solution for any query that is passed our way. Focus Removals are widely known removal company from Hartlepool, and we always gain excellent customer feedback. At Focus, our staff are 90% ex-servicemen and pride themselves on their punctuality, professionalism, quality in jobs provided and the friendly bonds that they look to create.

Customer Reviews

Focus Removals & Storage Teesside

Average service quality  

Average value for money

3.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

Service quality

Value for money


Didn't reassemble everything as the said they would. Broke a mirror. They were late and didn't bring a big enough van.

Thanks for your feedback. This is the first that we have heard from this matter, we have checked down any form of contact that we have with yourself and can not see record of you contacting us regarding this issue after the removal was complete. As you can understand, if you were to contact us and make us aware of this issue when the removal was complete then we would of done our upmost to resolve this issue for you and mended/replaced the broken mirror and sent the guys back to re-assemble what was said. We are shocked that they did re-assemble what was mentioned due to this never being a problem we have encountered before. With regards to being late, Focus Removals try our best to give provisional time slots, but with removals, delays can be expected due to keys etc. therefore sometimes us being late can be through no fault of our own.