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Dismantling Flat Pack Furniture - Who is Responsible?

  1. Sarah from London
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I live in London and have recently sold my flat. Now I am planning my move I have realised that I own several large pieces of furniture that were originally flat packs. I am not sure that these items will fit out of the front door in one piece. Will the removals company take these apart and put them back together for me? Or is this something I would have to arrange myself.


If you wish to have furniture dismantled and reassembled as part of the service you will need to make sure you have asked your removals company before your moving day to include this as part of your removal, this will then avoid any problems on moving day.

It would be very helpful if you have the assembly instructions available with any specialist items to assist with the dismantaling the reassembling. 

I would suggest that you check if the removal company offers any warranty in respect of this service as in the case of certain types of flat-pack furniture. This type of furniture will often not go back together as well and therefore removals companies often cannot offer any guarantees in this regard.

Helen Humphreys

Helen Humphreys

London Moving UK Ltd

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