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How Can I Move a Leather Sofa Safely?

  1. Sharon from Birmingham
  2. 14 April 2013
  3. Moving home questions and answers


I love my leather sofa and want to know if there is any way to protect them from getting damaged during the moving process?


The safest way of moving a sofa is to use a removal company with all the correct equipment. All professional moving companies will provide padded sofa covers and wrap the furniture carefully.

There is a big range of wrapping materials available for protecting a sofa varying from simple paper blankets and bubble blankets to a more durable fabric padded blankets, so when you use a reputable removals company with access to such equipment your leather sofa will be kept well protected during your move.

Make sure you speak with your removals firm to check they have all the appropriate equipment. Removals firms who are members of a trade organisations, such as the BAR, (British Association of Removers)  will have all the relevant equipment and the appropriate insurance cover, just in case an unlikely accident does happen. 

reallymoving comment:

It is always good to ensure you have removals insurance in place. There are various ways you can organise this, either through your household insurance or the removals firm.  Here are more details on removals insurance.


Emil Perushanov

Emil Perushanov

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