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Where Do I Stand If Removal Men Damaged My Sofa?

  1. Amanda from Bath
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We used the same company to pack, store and then move our goods to our new house. On the morning of the move they left a container outside in the rain, causing a lot of things to get wet, including our sofa. When it dried it still had water marks on, so the company had it cleaned. The sofa still has slight water marks on it, but cleaning has taken the pile off the brand new sofa. The removal company is saying they have done all they have to do. ​I’m not happy with a damaged sofa, so I was wondering where I stand?


If the damage was caused by the negligence of removal team, you have every right to ask for compensation.

They have a right to repair the item, however it seems that you are not happy with the outcome, therefore you may ask them to start an insurance claim (if your goods were insured).

The insurance company will evaluate the damage and compensate the equivalent amount. It may include a brand new item, however this isn’t always the case as a variety of factors will be taken into account, like the age of the item and it’s condition prior to the move.

Please also be aware that insurance claims usually have to be made within 7 days of the move.

Andrew Dembek, Let's Move Removals Ltd

Andrew Dembek

Andrew Dembek

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