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Disagree With a Valuation? Here's What to Do

Getting a valuation that isn’t as high as you expected can be shock, but what can you do about it?


Inside a Property Valuation: What to Expect

Not all surveyors and estate agents will conduct a valuation in the same way, but there are some basic rules that they’ll follow.


Guide to Help to Buy Valuations

Whether you’re selling a property that you bought using a Help to Buy Equity Loan, or you just want to pay back the loan whilst staying where you are, you’ll need to get a valuation.


When to Get a Property Valuation

Wondering if you need a property valuation? Here are some circumstances where it’s necessary.


Impact of Shared Ownership Valuation on Your Property

Shared Ownership valuations are a compulsory part of increasing your ownership of the property, but there could be implications.

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Shared Ownership Valuation Guide

When you own a Shared Ownership property, it's useful to know the right time to get an appropriate Valuation!

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Understanding Property Valuations: A Comprehensive Guide

There are many reasons you might need a property valuation, especially when selling or buying property. Here we explain what a property valuation is, who carries it out, and why you might need one.

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Survey or Valuation - Which Do I Need?

You’ve probably heard of surveys and valuations, but what are they and which one do you need?

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