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Allcott Associates LLP


Allcott Associates are residential property experts who provide RICS accredited surveying services across Liverpool, Manchester and the North of England.

Whether buying, renting, or selling a property, an RICS survey from Allcott Associates will provide you with invaluable advice on the condition of your property.

Our services include:
• RICS building surveys
• RICS homebuyer surveys

Allcott Associates is unique in that our team comprises both surveyors and structural engineers, giving you access to a breadth of expertise and in-depth knowledge of structural building defects. This means that we are one of the only building consultancies that can offer a complete survey package, providing professional advice on any structural issues, eliminating the need for referrals.

All our surveyors are chartered members of RICS and our engineers are chartered members of IStructE or ICE. This ensures all our work meets the rigorous standards of our profession’s governing institutions. We have insurance cover of £5 million, guaranteeing peace of mind should you choose us for your survey.

RICS Building Surveys
RICS building surveys are very detailed and give a comprehensive report of the current condition of the property.

A building survey, or structural survey, is considered the most thorough property survey and can take several hours to complete as it examines all aspects of a property. It is suitable for all types of property, including property that is listed, unusual or old. A building survey is particularly useful if you wish to have any further specific areas looked at, for example, the feasibility of adding an extension.

RICS Homebuyer Surveys

The homebuyer survey is a brief version of the building survey, but more detailed than a mortgage valuation, which simply checks the building is worth the amount you are asking to borrow for it.

Homebuyer surveys are only suitable for modern homes that are in generally good condition. If the property is old or dilapidated, it will require a more detailed and thorough building survey. The homebuyer survey will detect any serious problems with major indoor and outdoor features. Problems are rated in terms of seriousness on the report, providing you with a good idea of how much work needs to be done on the property and which issues are most urgent.

For insurance purposes, the surveyor’s valuation will give an opinion of the market value of the property and reinstatement cost, which your insurance company may need to know.

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5.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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