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Fairwood Solutions

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Fairwood Solutions (previously Fairwood Survey) are chartered surveyors and property consultants offering all clients a comprehensive, professional and personal services across South and West Wales.Read more

Haven Surveyors

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Haven Surveyors is an independent practice specialising in residential building surveys. Based in Pembrokeshire we carry out surveys throughout South West Wales.Read more

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Local information

Based on reallymoving data from January 2021 to May 2023

  • Average property price: £224,158
  • Average number of bedrooms: 4.00
  • reallymoving movers: 64
  • Average distance moved: 103 miles

How do I choose a top surveyor in Cardigan?

To choose a top surveyor, aim for those sporting RICS accreditation who are well-versed with the town’s variety of properties. Seeking advice from local estate agents and poring over online reviews will direct you to a surveyor with insider knowledge on Cardigan’s unique property market. 

Surveyor or chartered surveyor – which is best?

While any surveyor can take a gander at properties, a chartered surveyor has the prestigious RICS accreditation, ensuring a premium level of expertise and professionalism. 

What red flags should I be vigilant about in a house survey?

Keep an eye out for structural integrity issues, damp, roofing conditions, old electrical and plumbing systems, and any signs of flood risk – particularly salient given Cardigan’s picturesque yet potentially vulnerable riverside settings. 

Can a surveyor adjust a house's valuation?

Yes, if a surveyor stumbles upon problems that significantly affect the property's condition or desirability, they may need to tweak the valuation to truly reflect its standing in property market. 

Is opting for a Chartered Surveyor a good idea?

Absolutely. Opting for a Chartered Surveyor is a smart move for a thorough examination, particularly for properties in conservation areas or those with a dash of historical charm. 

Will surveyors inspect the loft?

Indeed, loft inspections are typically part of the survey to assess the condition of the roof and insulation, provided there’s safe and practical access. 

How trustworthy are surveyors' valuations?

You can generally rely on surveyors' valuations being dependable, backed by comprehensive inspections and an adept understanding of the local real estate scene. 

Level 2 or Level 3 survey – which should I opt for?

A Level 2 survey suits newer, well-maintained properties, but a Level 3 survey is advisable for older homes or those needing more extensive care, fitting for Cardigan with its rich tapestry of property ages and styles. 

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