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Showing Survey Report to Another Surveyor

  1. Dexter from Guildford
  2. 06 May 2014
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I’m buying a house and I’ve already had a surveyor look around the building and produce a report. I have some issues with the report and feel it would be beneficial to get a second opinion from another surveyor. Would I be able to show the report to the second surveyor so they are aware of what I’d like them to investigate or is the report confidential information?


When you have a question about a survey the first port of call is to contact the original surveyor and talk to them. Not only will it be cheaper for you to go back to the original surveyor than to employ a second one, sometimes, for one reason or another, the meaning can get lost in the written report.

Surveyors have to be mindful of warning clients about potential defects in areas that they are either not able to see or, for one reason or another, cannot come to a firm conclusion on. This can cause concern to clients who understandably want as much specific detail as possible. Normally it is possible to put questions of this nature into some kind of context and this is more easily done verbally than in writing. It is unusual for a surveyor to require a second opinion from another professional with the same qualification.

Surveyors carrying out HomeBuyer Reports and other pre-purchase reports tend to be generalists rather than specialists. An analogy would be going to see a GP rather than a specialist doctor at a hospital. If further investigations requiring exposure of parts of the structure, for example a timber floor where dry rot is suspected, this would normally be referred to a specialist.

Some surveyors offer these specialist services themselves but they have to be able to demonstrate specific expertise in these fields.  Where the structural stability of a building is in doubt it is normally more appropriate to refer the matter to a structural engineer or a building surveyor with experience in design and construction.

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