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Can I fill in an air brick?

  1. Linda from Frinton-on-sea
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I have an air brick in my bedroom inbetween my 2 double glazed windows. The air brick is approx 12" below the roofline. I am woken up every morning at 6am by cars and people walking past, so want to fill in the air brick to make my bedroom more soundproofed. Would filling it with foam be a bad or good way to do this?


It would be a bad idea to fill it at all.

It is there to provide air changes and will help avoid problems with condensation and the resulting mould growth that often occurs when you have insufficient air movement.

This is often a problem in bedrooms as we produce a lot of moisture simply by breathing.

Kevin Gregory
Gregory Residential Ltd

reallymoving comment:

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Kevin Gregory

Kevin Gregory

Gregory Residential Ltd

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