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Can Valuations Be Refused?

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I part own my flat, as part of a shared ownership and am looking to buy the rest of the flat. I have recently had it valued by a RICS qualified surveyor but the housing association is asking for further justification of the valued price from the surveyor. It is difficult to progress this situation between the parties. Can the housing association refuse to accept the valuation and how can I move this forward?


I have listed the information most often required of a valuer by Housing Associations or other groups that typically enter into shared ownership agreements with householders:

1) RICS valuation conducted by a registered chartered surveyor
2) The value quoted should be for the full 100% leasehold interest of the property, with vacant possession and the survey must have taken place within the last three months.
3) The valuation report must include the following:
- Three local comparable sales of properties recently sold in the area
- Contact details of the surveyor
- Signed by the Surveyor
- Expiration date of the valuation report

If the report complies with the above stipulations, or those specified by the Housing Association at the outset where they vary from the above, then they should accept the report. It would be unusual for them to dispute a valuation figure provided by an appropriately qualified surveyor, where it complies with a report format that they have stipulated at the outset. Aside from this, under normal circumstances they would not be qualified to query the valuation figure with any authority. 

If the extra information relates to the administrative side of the report (ie information they require is missing) then you should refer this back to the surveyor for his consideration and amendment. 

It is difficult to add anything further without knowing the precise nature of the justifications your Housing Association have requested, but I hope this helps a little with your query

Toby Gledhill,
W-Y-P Gledhill Survey & Valuation

Toby Gledhill

Toby Gledhill

W-Y-P Gledhill Chartered Surveyors

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