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Closing up draughty airbricks

  1. Tracy from Edmondton
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I live in a Victorian house which has air bricks to the ground floor. Can I close these air bricks as my house is very cold and a draught is coming in through the openings?


Hi Tracy,

All properties with suspended timber floors at ground level require an adequate flow of air beneath the timbers at sub-floor level. If the air bricks are blocked or closed this will reduce the ventilation and the risk of serious rot and damp will be increased.

Air bricks should never be blocked or closed and it is recommended that all air bricks are inspected and cleaned on an annual basis.


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Garrett O'Hanlon

Garrett O'Hanlon

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Comments (3)

  • Sarah Mahon

    posted on 19 Sep 2012

    Great advice. I suffer with the same problem, but now know not to block the air vents.

    Rachel E

    posted on 24 Sep 2012

    I wish I had known this before I blocked mine up. The house started to smell damp but luckily someone told me to unblock them before things got too serious.

    John Durie

    posted on 19 Mar 2018

    Great advice. Everything you do to a building has an effect, most often neutral but sometimes bad. If you had asked a 'damp expert' about the dampness they would have had you replastering the internal walls against rising damp!

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