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Damp in 16th century property - who do we go to?

  1. Anna from Alton
  2. 25 June 2015
  3. Surveys questions and answers


We have lived in this 16th century townhouse for five years. I am aware that there are damp problems particularly on the front wall which directly accesses the road, without a curb. I have had a damp survey done and the resulting readings are very high. I am considering asking a surveyor to investigate the problem as it seems to have accelerated, but as there is a possibility of water/salt penetration from the road and/or from a damaged pipe underneath it, to whom do I go for the next stage? Do we take up floorboards in advance of a surveyors visit?


Historic buildings need specialist advice. It is unclear if your damp survey was by an independent surveyor or a contractor pitching for work. Irrespective, bearing in mind the particular nature of your property, you should consult a Chartered Surveyor who specialises in both dampness and historic buildings.
The Chartered Surveyor you consult will brief you prior to inspection as to any site-preparations he recommends. Your surveyor will then impartially diagnose any issues related to the damp and recommend remedial works sympathetic to the structure of your building.

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For more information about damp and damp surveys when buying a house, take a look at our guide to damp surveys.


John Lewis

John Lewis

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