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Do Chartered Surveyors Consider the Local Environment?

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I’ve organised for a Building Survey on the property I'm buying and would like to know whether he will take into account the local environment when surveying the house. The property comes with a few acres of land and I'm thinking of building a large extension or outbuilding on the land, so it’s important I’m aware of whether I will be allowed to do this, and whether the building works will affect the local environment. Will this information be available in the report?


A Building Survey can be tailored to your needs. The Surveyor will usually ask you if you have any special requirements that you want him to quote for. If you explain what your requirements are, the Surveyor will let you know if those needs are covered by the service he has offered. His terms may follow a standard format like the “RICS Building Survey Service” or they may be the terms that the Surveyor has developed himself, based on the needs of a typical client.

Before you instruct the Surveyor ensure that the terms cover all the matters that you require advice on. Where in doubt ask the Surveyor whether he is the right person to comment on the special requirements that you have. He must tell you if what you are asking is a matter he is experienced in. If not he may offer advice on who you should contact. In some cases you might decide on a building survey and a separate report from a specialist such as a Planning Advisor or a Structural Engineer.

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When you find your Chartered Surveyor through reallymoving.com, you'll receive a service from a professional who will take into account all your requirements and provide you with advice in your best interests. Make sure that you inform your surveyor of any concerns you may have with the property you are purchasing.

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Martin Andrews

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