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How Do I Get a Fair Flood Risk Assessment?

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The property that we are intending to buy is in a flood risk area. This means that few insurance companies are willing to provide buildings and contents insurance, and those that might, will charge an inflated premium. However, according to the Environment Agency flood local area map, the property is just outside the risk boundary and thus safe. It is also on the side of a hill, some 40 ft above the level of the stream and in no way is it at risk. However, quotes are made according to postcode, not actual siting. How can we present our case for a fairer assessment?


Top Tips For Flood Mitigation And Seeking Flood Insurance

• Consider getting a flood risk assessment and digital modelling from a professional environmental consultant and craft in the local environment you live in, such as the hill, local siting issues and even a measured level survey to demonstrate the height above the stream/river.

• Contact a specialist insurance broker who has access to insurers that specialise in flood risk cover or try to discuss any problems or concerns with the current insurer. 

• Contact a range of insurers to ask for a quote.

• Understand your risk better by looking at the Environment Agency information online.

• Obtain as much information as possible from the Environment Agency or other relevant authority, including an Environment Agency ‘insurance related request’ letter.

• Consider investing in a flood risk mitigation survey. 

• Sign up to the Environment Agency’s Floodline Warnings Direct

• Investigate flood products which would make your property more flood resistant. 

• Consider flood resilience measures which might be appropriate for your property. 

• Join a local flood action group via the National Flood Forum or Flood Group UK Facebook page.

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