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What will a HomeBuyers Report tell me?

  1. Darren Watts from Manchester
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I have just had an offer accepted on a property. It is a 1935 3 bed semi. It is a probate sale and I think there has been very little work on the property for many year, it's a real doer upper. Therefore I am going to get a home buyers survey done to see what the issues are but I am unsure exactly what to expect in the report. Apart from telling me any structural issues with the walls, roof and flooring etc, will the report tell me if: 1 - the house needs to be re-wired? 2 - the house needs to be re-plastered? 3 - the condition of the chimneys and what needs to be done/how much it would cost to bring out the old fireplaces? 4 - if there are any damp issues with the house? Many thanks in advance Darren


Hi Darren,
You can find the answers you need in our guide 'What is a HomeBuyers Report?'
Best of luck with your new property!
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