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Avoid winter damage to your property

MAP Surveyors in London have provided their top tips on how to prevent damage to your home caused by wintry weather.

Avoid winter damage to your property

Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, we’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.

This rhyme is never more relevant than in winter, which can bring with it a whole range of weather patterns that can affect the condition of your property. MAP Surveyors has compiled some top tips on how to protect your home from damage during a winter spell, avoiding drastic repairs thus saving you time and money.

Look after your pipework

  • Have your gutters cleared regularly to get rid of any nasties that could stop the water flowing away properly, and check the downpipes are in also good condition, as any leaks could affect the brickwork.
  • Frozen pipes can burst. Install insulation sleeves around exterior pipes to help prevent this.
  • Your heating system and chimneys get heavier usage during the winter months, so have them serviced at least once a year to prevent any damage caused by fire and smoke.

Check your brickwork

  • If you have any small cracks in the exterior of your home, get them fixed as soon as possible, so that water doesn’t have a chance to freeze in the gap and push the brickwork further apart as it expands.
  • Any air bricks must be kept clear to allow air to flow freely beneath the property. If these become blocked, the timbers can become damp and start to rot; causing serious problems, so clear any leaves that may collect around these in autumn.


  • Trees weakened by wintry weather can fall over or lose branches, which could damage property or even cause injury. Prune your trees before the onset of winter and reduce this risk.
  • If there are any large trees near your home, get them checked by an expert to make sure that the growing roots won’t damage your home’s foundations.

Protect against flooding

  • Check if you are at risk of flooding. If water levels near your home are rising, Move anything you couldn’t bear to lose upstairs to keep it safe from water damage. Also, check whether your home insurance policy covers you against damage caused by flooding – read our article on home insurance and flooding.

These helpful tips were provided by MAP Surveyors. MAP are Chartered Surveyors in London, recommended by reallymoving.com. MAP Surveyors can provide Building Surveys and HomeBuyer Reports in London and the surrounding areas. Visit them at http://www.mapsurveyors.co.uk/


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