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FAQs for Removals

Thinking of joining our removals panel? Take a look through our collection of Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Free Trial

How do I set up a free trial for removals leads?

If you wish to have a free trial for removals leads please either complete our form on the join us page or contact us directly by phone or email. We will send you a spreadsheet to complete with your details and prices, and when we have received the completed spreadsheet we will send you our e-agreement for you to digitally sign.

You will also need to check our code of practice to ensure your company complies and be aware we will also credit check your firm.

Is there a sign-up fee?

There is no sign up fee, the only charges you will ever pay are for your leads alone. There is no commitment and you may leave at any time without penalty.

How long will my free trial last?

We give a one month free trial for removals firms joining our system for the first time. This gives you the opportunity to work out the best way to handle our leads and to come back to us with any questions.

How many postcodes can I have for my free trial?

You may have up to 2 postcodes as part of your free trial. All postcodes are subject to availability.

What if I don’t feel my free trial has worked?

Talk to us! We may be able to give you some tips to improve your conversion rates. We are happy to review the emails you send out to customers, discuss pricing (but we never tell you what to quote) and your approach techniques. If you still feel it hasn’t worked, we can stop your leads and you won’t be charged.

This is great! Can I stop my free trial early so I can have more postcodes?

Yes! If you wish to take on more postcodes (subject to availability) prior to the end of your free trial, let us know and you can take on more areas on a pay per lead basis. We would also request you complete a direct debit form.

I used to be a partner and would like to re-join – can I still have a free trial?

We decide this on a case-by-case basis. If it’s a long time since you were on our system, we are likely to offer a shortened free trial. You will still need to comply to our code of practice and be able to provide all the required insurance proofs. Your company will also be credit checked.


How much do leads cost?

Small moves (within M25) - £5.60

Small moves (outside M25) - £3.99

Large moves (within M25) - £8.25

Large moves (outside M25) - £5.20

How do I receive the leads?

You will receive your leads by email directly to your chosen inbox and also on your reallymoving.com partner page. We also provide an API which integrates into most CMS system eg. MoveMan, Managemymove etc.

Can I choose the size of moves I want to quote for?

You may choose to receive leads for 3+ Bedroom properties only (801 cuft and above) or 1-2 Bedrooms only (up to 800 cuft). However, you can also choose to receive leads for all sizes of moves.

I got 3 leads from the same person – do I have to pay for each lead?

No, we automatically deduct registrations where the user has entered the same email address more than once in the past 28 days. These are highlighted blue in your summary of leads on your partner page, so you can be confident that you will not be charged.

A customer left a fake number on your form – can I reclaim money back for that lead?

We cannot validate phone numbers and we do not credit for incorrect phone numbers.  However, we validate every single email address before it is sent to you.  An inaccurate phone number usually means the client wishes to be contact by email in the first instance.  Although every email address is validated by the customer, if you cannot contact the customer within 28 days by neither email NOR phone, then mark this in your partner page.  If all partners mark the lead as uncontactable, you will receive a credit in your next appropriate invoice.


How many postcodes can I have?

After your free trial you may add more postcode areas subject to availability in the area you are requesting.

Can I control my own postcodes?

Yes you can! You can now dig down deeper into the postcodes to target the districts you wish to cover with more accuracy e.g. you can select AL1 and AL2 but choose not to select AL3 or AL4.  You are in control of the districts that you cover but we oversee the allocation of postcode areas e.g. AL or NE.

If you want more postcodes, or a small area within a postcode that you do not cover, then please let us know and we will set this up for you.

Can I find out how many leads a month the postcode I’m on gets?

Yes, just ask us and will let you know the overall number of registrations that a specific postcode area receives.


How can I change my phone number/address/prices?

You have full control over your contact details, prices and postcode areas through your partner page. Once you click ‘save’ these changes will go live immediately on reallymoving.com.

Do my prices include VAT?

On your account details page you will see a tick box which you should tick if you are VAT registered. We will then add VAT to the indicative quotes we provide on your behalf.  The costs we hold in your pricing tables should always be NET (without VAT).

I’ve forgotten my password for my admin page – how can I get a reminder?

Just let us know by phone or email and we will verify your details and then send you a reminder. It is also recommended that you change your password when a member of staff leaves so just contact us to do this.

I’m going on holiday for a week – can I pause my leads?

Yes, just let us know and we will pause your leads. They will automatically restart on the date you requested.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee.

I see other companies have information on their page in the directory – how do I get that?

You can send us a page about your company – 400 words would be ideal – and we will load this up for you. If you don’t have time to write your own our Content Writer will be happy to put something together for your approval if you can supply some details about your company and a link to your website.


I had a very happy customer this weekend – how do they leave feedback?

Each customer receives an automated feedback email 2 weeks after their estimated move date. If the customer hasn’t received this (or has lost it), they can contact us directly on [email protected] or you can send us their email address or mover ID. We can then email a bespoke unique feedback link so they are able to then rate you.

That feedback wasn’t fair – can we leave it out?

We manually review all feedback before it is published.  If there is anything questionable, you are sent the feedback and asked to comment on it.  If the feedback is dishonest or libellous, we do not publish it.

Do I get to respond to comments made about my company?

Yes. We will always give you the opportunity to respond to any comments about your company before the feedback is published.

Are there any ways I can show off my great feedback?

Yes, your dedicated administration page includes a link called ‘We’re listed’ with details of how to link directly to your specific feedback from your own website. You may also add a link to your feedback in your emails and print off a feedback certificate as a PDF.

You can find out information about our customer feedback service here.

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