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    How we collect feedback on reallymoving

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 26th Nov, 2020

    Reviews are one of the best ways to decide on which surveyor, conveyancing solicitor or removals team to choose. We host thousands of reviews on our site from people who used our partners, to help you make the right choice for you.

    How we collect feedback on reallymoving

    About partner feedback

    Whenever you request a quote from reallymoving, we send you a feedback email after the date you selected for the service. You will be asked to rate the service provided by your chosen service provider and you have the opportunity to add extra comments. We are also interested in hearing if you didn’t use any of our partners and why that might be.

    If you submit negative feedback your comments are sent over to the 
    partner firm involved and they have 2 weeks to provide us with a response as to why their service was not up to their usual standard. 

    Our reviews are only from people that have used one of our service providers. If we believe that a review may not be genuine we may ask for evidence e.g. client care letter, invoice etc. 

    How do I leave a review?

    You will be sent an email from us which lists the firms we recommended. Just select the firm you wish to review from the drop down menu in the email. Each email contains a unique code so that only genuine reallymoving users can leave a review.

    If you do not receive your email, please ask the company you used to send you a feedback link via our system, or contact us directly on [email protected] with the email address you used when you registered.

    You will be given two options for star ratings, one based on Service Quality, and one based on Value for Money. The options for these ratings are:

    5 stars = Excellent

    4 stars = Good

    3 stars = Average

    2 stars = Poor

    1 star =  Unacceptable

    We review every single piece of feedback we receive.

    The firms on our panel pay us for leads, but there is no connection between what they pay us per lead and the number or the rating of reviews.

    Excellent feedback makes us all happy and is forwarded to the partner. We investigate any feedback where a customer has suggested they were not happy with the service they received from a reallymoving partner. Each user has the opportunity to make their comments to us anonymously, which we respect.

    If a partner receives unacceptable feedback that cannot be explained, they are removed from our system.

    When will I receive my feedback request email?

    The exact day you will receive your feedback request email will depend on which service you received quotes for. The timescales we use for sending our automated feedback request are as follows:


    9 weeks after you received your quotes


    3 weeks after you received your quotes


    2 weeks after the estimated move date you entered


    2 weeks after the estimated move date you entered


    2 weeks after you received your quote

    Home Reports    

    2 weeks after the survey date you entered

    Not received your email?

    Please check your spam/junk folder first. If you still cannot locate the email, just contact [email protected] and we will re-send the link. You will need to let us have the email address you used when you registered, or the unique ID number on the quotes we generated.

    Our Removals Ombudsman

    If you registered for quotes with reallymoving and would like to make a complaint about the removal company that you used, we can help. Reallymoving has teamed up with The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman to offer a free dispute resolution service for our customers. You can find further details about our Removals Complaints Procedure here.

    Please note: we can only publish feedback from customers who have found the company through reallymoving.com. This is why we use the feedback emails to invite you to review.

    If you have used a partner and wish to review them, but did not use reallymoving, we cannot publish your feedback.

    If you're looking for a way to give feedback to us directly after receiving quotes, or have any questions or concerns please email [email protected].

    Last reviewed January 2019

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