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Making moving simple with reallymoving

  1. 01 June 2023
  2. By Jeremy Greer

Moving house can be a busy time in your life, with lots of things going on. But thanks to reallymoving you can now make things really simple!

We’re pleased to share that if you live in South Hertfordshire, you may hear a familiar name on the airwaves! Our radio advert on Heart Radio Hertfordshire is all about making moving really simple. 

We know, simple isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving. More likely it’s ‘stress’, ‘effort’, ‘money’ or ‘time’. But we promise, there are ways to make your move simpler and less stressful. 

Start early 

If you’re preparing to move home, or even if you’re in the viewing stages of buying a property, get your finances and paperwork in order now. Know where your proof of address and ID is, make sure you can get hold of copies of your bank statements, and try to make sure your money is in the right place (accessible savings or maybe a Lifetime ISA). 

Compare prices 

It may not seem usual to compare legal costs, but when it comes to conveyancing, you could be spending thousands of pounds. Your conveyancing solicitor will make sure everything in the purchase is above board, will check searches, interact with the seller’s legal team as well as the estate agents and make sure you are legally the owner of your new home. 

A good conveyancing solicitor is worth their weight in gold! So it’s worth comparing on reviews as well as cost! If you’re not sure what your conveyancing might cost, you can use our Moving Cost Calculator to get prepared. 

Throw stuff out 

The easiest way to make moving simpler? Have less stuff! If you’ve been in your current home for a while, you may have accumulated a lot of items, most of which are probably unused or won’t work in your new home. 

Moving is easier when you only move what you need. It’s also cheaper! It will make your removals costs cheaper, or the number of times you have to go back and forth in vans and cars. You’ll need fewer people to help you and you’ll spend less time unpacking things you won’t even use! 

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – start looking into what items you’d like to sell, and stick them on Ebay, Facebook marketplace or Vinted. Then consider giving items away to friends, donating to charity shops. What you’re left with are the things you use and love, and the things that you couldn’t sell or give away, which should be thrown or recycled. This can feel like a big process, so start as soon as you can! 

Be in the know about your new property 

The best money you can spend is on a Chartered Surveyor. This is a property expert who will inspect the property you want to buy and give you a report with their findings. You can choose the level of detail of the report, levels one, two or three, and they will identify any potential issues and whether you may need to pay to fix them in the future. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the property, but you’ll be fully alert to what you’re buying. You may even be able to use the survey report to renegotiate with the seller – if you’re going to have to spend £3000 on a new roof in a few years, they may knock that off the price to keep the sale going through. 

Book a removals service 

The easiest way to make moving easy? Get someone else to do it! Hiring a professional removals firm will mean your items are looked after, safe in transit and arrive at the time you want. No multiple back-and-forths, friends helping out who accidentally break stuff and the family who don’t want to be paid in pizza. To make it even simpler, you can book a packing and unpacking service. You’d be shocked at how quickly professionals can get your belongings efficiently packed and transferred. So rather than living out of boxes for weeks before and after your move, you can get into your new home knowing everything is in its place. 

Moving home may not feel simple at times, but reallymoving can make it simpler. 

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