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Costs and Fees

Understand the costs and fees involved in moving house across our home moving services at From house survey reports to conveyancing fees, our advice can help when buying or selling a home.

Understanding Right to Buy Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

Right to Buy can be a great way of stepping onto the housing ladder, but first you need to work out if you can afford it.

Buying a house, Help and Advice, Costs and Fees

Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Conveyancing Costs in 2024

Your new home is going to be one of your biggest purchases - but you don't want to pay over the odds. So how much does conveyancing really cost?

Costs and Fees

Transparency in Legal Fees: Insightful Whitepaper Analysis

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have called for studies into the transparency of legal fees and services, in order to explore whether customers were able to make informed purchasing decisions.

Costs and Fees

What Are Conveyancing Disbursements?

Your conveyancing solicitor will bill you for disbursements amongst other fees - but what are they?

Costs and Fees

The Impact of Referral Fees on Conveyancing Choices: What You Need to Know

When an estate agent or other service recommends a conveyancing solicitor, it's likely they'll be getting referral fee.

Costs and Fees

Understanding Solicitors' Fees for Buying a House: A Guide

During your house move, we know you'll want to avoid any last-minute financial surprises. You may be asking yourself: how much does conveyancing cost? We'll help you understand conveyancing and solicitor fees so you feel more prepared so that you know what to expect to pay.

Buying a house, Costs and Fees

No Sale, No Fee Conveyancing: How It Works and Benefits

We’ve all seen the television adverts promoting no win-no fee representation. It sounds attractive, but do you actually understand the concept of a no win, no fee arrangement?

Costs and Fees