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    What is the Council for Licensed Conveyancers? CLC Explained

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 15th Mar, 2024

    We explain the necessity of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) to regulate the work of UK property lawyers.

    What is the Council for Licensed Conveyancers? CLC Explained

    The Council for Licensed Conveyancers is a regulatory body for licensed conveyancers across England and Wales. The main purpose of the body is to set and maintain the standards of conveyancers including the vast network of property lawyers that work with us here at reallymoving.

    As the dedicated ombudsman for licensed conveyancers and consumers, the information below provides our customers with the relevant information to make an enquiry or complaint in the event of a troublesome moving experience.

    The Council for Licensed Conveyancers was established under the provisions of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 as the Regulatory Body for the new profession of licensed conveyancers.

    It is very important that the CLC carries out its responsibilities to both reallymoving customers and the licensed conveyancers themselves.

    Consequently, they undertake a set of actions that are detailed below:

    • Set educational and training standards for entry to the profession;
    • Issue licences to practise to those qualified to provide conveyancing and probate services to clients;
    • Maintain a register of all licensed conveyancers;
    • Set standards to regulate the professional practice, conduct and discipline of licensed conveyancers;
    • Set standards to maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance and a compensation fund to protect the public;
    • Undertake accounts and practice inspections to monitor the work and conduct of licensed conveyancers and to determine whether they are meeting the required standards;
    • Provide guidance and advice to licensed conveyancers to maintain compliance with the standards and those regulations relevant to our duty of consumer protection;
    • Investigate allegations of misconduct against a licensed conveyancer and where appropriate take disciplinary proceedings before the Discipline and Appeal Committee;
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders in the conveyancing services market to monitor and shape the impact of proposed regulations on the conduct of licensed conveyancers in order to maintain adequate consumer protection.

    The implications of the Legal Services Act 2007 mean the CLC is duty bound to provide an outline of the strategic outcomes it aims to achieve for both reallymoving customers and the regulated profession:

    • Protecting and promoting the public interest;
    • Supporting the constitutional principle of the rule of law;
    • Improving access to justice;
    • Protecting and promoting the interests of consumers;
    • Promoting competition in the provision of services by ‘authorised persons’ as defined in the Act;
    • Encouraging an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession;
    • Increasing public understanding of the citizen’s legal rights and duties;
    • Promoting and maintaining adherence to the professional principles.

    In an effort to regulate the work undertaken by the licensed conveyancers within the reallymoving network and beyond, the CLC assists newly qualified conveyancers in maintaining and improving their skills to meet constantly evolving regulatory standards.

    The end product is that our customers can be reassured by the professionalism and competence of their chosen licensed conveyancer through our conveyancing directory.

    Update: As of 1st November 2017, licensed conveyancers will be obligated to present a badge of their website, from the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, showing that they are regulated, and that their website is secure.

    Last reviewed August 2020

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