Deposit Savings Generator

Tired of being told that all that’s standing between you and your dream home are those avocado brunches?

Our generator lets you choose your future home by region, and generates the average price and 10% deposit. You can even change the deposit if you’re aiming to save a bigger amount, or know the property price. It also helps you ‘defend your spend’ – it'll translate your deposit into the frankly insane number of items you’d have to give up to reach your goal, and give you a (terrifying) fact to put it into context!

So when someone starts criticising that morning coffee, you can tell them it would take a ridiculous 8,966 coffees to save the average UK deposit. Then tell them that you'd like to enjoy your coffee in peace.

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Want something that will actually help you get on the property ladder?

We want you to enjoy your morning coffee, or your gym membership. Being shamed for your spending is not the best way to encourage saving, and we honestly don’t think it’s helpful. It is hard to get on the property ladder at the moment. The cost of living has increased, and the average age of first time buyers is going up with it.

So if you’re tired of being told you’d have your own home if you just cut down on the avocados, use our deposit saving generator to give them the real numbers. And then use our savings guides to really kick off your savings.

Whether you’re starting out saving for your deposit from scratch and have no idea where to begin, or if you’ve been diligently saving for years and just need a boost, we’ve got a guide from you. Pick from Starting Saving, Sacrificing to Save or Supersizing your Savings to get advice that will actually help you get on the property ladder.

Get saving and don’t forget: #defendyourspend

Becoming a first time buyer

Whether you're planning on moving this year, or in 5 years, we've got heaps of tools and resources to help. From chatting to other FTBs in our forum to figuring out those extra costs using our Moving Cost Calculator, you can find everything you need in our First Time Buyer's Hub. Think of us as a motivator helping to keep you focused on your goal!